Description of the terrain

Le terrain d'airsoft

La Tête de l’Ours (Bearhead) is a private property of 25 hectares on the top of a 700m high hill in the Vosges. The terrain includes a fort of 1874-1880, part of the defence line Séré de Rivières, a woodland, and some outside buildings.

La Tête de l’Ours (Bearhead) offers many game maps

  • The curved street inside the fort is dedicated to a CloseQuarterBattle area. Gaming there means to be quick, organized, always ready.
  • The upper street and the top of the fort form a wider map with artillery crew shelters, trenchs and trees.
  • The dry moat, the walkway around the fort and the outside artillery position constitute the first ring outside the fort. The ouside artillery position can be played from East to West on quite flat map or you may prefer play with slope in the North-South.
  • In the woodland part, a ring trail delimits a second circle. Beyond the access trail to the main parking, the third circle is inside of a rocky forest.

Description of the activity

La Tête de l’Ours (Bearhead) is dedicated to all of kinds of airsoft : fun games, LARP with airsoft guns, MilSim ops. La Tête de l’Ours can received still 150-200 players.

  • Behavior rules on the terrain
    • Thank you to take back your trash.
    • Thank you to avoid glas bottle.
    • Thank you to sort yous trashs when you live some in the containers.
  • Bio BB mandatory
    • No noisy grenades.
    • No home made smoke grenades.
  • Safety rules
    • All the ladders, ropes and stairs without guard rail are outgame.

Please keep in mind that the fort is not completely secured. Participating to our events in the fort means that you discharge the owner and the day or weekend event manager of all responsability in case of the accident is due to the fort.

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